Friday, June 24, 2011

Frugal Friday's With Marsha 6/24/11

Good Friday morning to all!
It's Friday, and time to share your frugal type posts from the past week. I do hope you will join in.

This past week Steve and I found ourselves broke. There just wasn't money to buy much as far as groceries. We ate leftovers, and made due with what food we had most of the week. Saturday evenings is Mom's night at our house. Steve did spend a mere little fortune buying a huge pork loin and macaroni salad, potato salad and baked beans for our meal. Only a portion of the pork loin was used and we have 2 more sections cut into roasts in the deep freeze. We ate on those sides for 4 days. I sure admit to getting tired of them! Thursday evening we spent $5.25 at my church eating at the grill night fundraiser, and tonight we pick my teen up from Bible camp and get to eat supper with her.

I'm reading a book called Financial Recovery for review. It's a great book and I'm going to start today with her suggestions so that we can get this money thing in check.

I only made one small run to the store. I didn't buy much, and no big savings. I did use the 2 Suave .75 coupons that I printed from their facebook page to get them for .06 each plus sales tax. Half gallons of milk are on sale 3 for $5, so I picked up a couple of those. That doesn't make it much cheaper than buying a gallon, but every few cents adds up.
My Walgreens and Wal Mart shopping as well as my Mailbox Monday posts are in the linky.

Steve's sister brought over a bunch of chives from her garden. I chopped and dried those in the oven. I love to use them in soups and potatoes.

I've had 2 bags of powdered milk in my cabinet that I rec'd through commodities. I've started mixing it up and using it when I bake and cook. No one's known the difference and it's sure saved on buying milk!

Nothing else really to report--I didn't even do laundry this week, I've still been reeling putting away all the laundry that I did last week. With no kids here this week I've only had to run the dishwasher twice. The air conditioner is still set at 81 and we are most comfortable with that.

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