Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Dust" and Other Poems by Thomas Noel Smith--Book Review

"Dust" and Other Poems by Thomas Noel Smith
ISBN 978-1-4327-6878-2
Published by Outskirts Press
Publication date January 18, 2011

This is my first time reading and reviewing a book of poetry.
The info sheet states that "these poems are a collection of works that address the human condition, from our origins to our movement and development through time. Some of the works are heartwarming. Some are disquieting. Each poem attempts to engage the mind, touch the heart, and invigorate the spirit."

As I read through the poems and read through many of them again and again, I see the above statement as being very true. I read a lot of sadness over missing loved ones. I also read poems with memories from the heart. 57 poems in all to touch your senses.

One poem entitled "September 30, 1946" intrigued me. I wondered if that was he birth date of the author. An email to him told me that it was. Very neat as my mother's birthdate is Sept. 27, 1946.

If you enjoy poetry, you should check this book out.

About the author:

Thomas Noel Smith is a poet and writer of short stories. He has a degree in English and a degree in Theatre. In addition, he is currently a film actor is Florida. He has also worked as a professional circus clown and magician.

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Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of "Dust" and Other Poems by the author for the purpose of my review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.
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