Friday, June 24, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing--Week 25 (Week 2 for Me)

Last week as I reported, I had good intentions but didn't get anything done.
Another kind blogger pointed out to me that starting with organizing my desk was just too large of a project to be first, and to start with something smaller.

I have been working on de-clutttering my desk over this past week here and there. It has a ways to go!
I decided to make the coffee table my first project. I love the coffee table, but why do they always become one of the places to just pile things??

Here is the before photo:

Ack! Those items are now in their proper places, or the recycle bin, or the trash! I hope to really work hard on keeping it cleaned off. Just having the one table cleaned is already making the living room look more inviting. Here is the after photo. Hubby's laptop will again sit on the end of the coffee table for least until I can figure out some other place for him to work on it? He leaves it on and open 24/7 as he runs scripts to play his silly facebook game.
Here is what it looks like now (minus the laptop)

I'm not sure which of my chosen projects I will tackle for next week while I continue to work on my desk. Maybe one of the side tables is a good choice. I have taken before shots of all spots I want to work on. I will be kept busy for week.

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