Monday, May 16, 2011

Walgreen's and Wal Mart Shopping 5/16/11

At Walgreen's:

Sure deoderant--on sale with Walgreen's coupon for $1.50--used $1 coupon making it .50
Dove for Men Deoderant, on sale for $3.99--used $1 coupon  making it $2.99 and got $3 back in RR's making it a 1 cent money maker.
Finish Gel Tabs--on sale for $3.49, used .75 coupon making it $2.74 and got back $1.50 in RR's.

I spent $6.95 and saved $4.24 with coupons, plus have $4.50 in RR's for my next trip.

I had intended to make this a 2 transaction trip, however, I had planned Duncan Hines brownie mix on sale for $1 and to use a .50 coupon, and the Dole Fruit Crisps on sale for $1 and use a .75 coupon.  Oh, go figure, my Walgreen's doesn't carry either of those products.   I'm thinking it's time to write a letter to Walgreen's corporate.  I'm going to complain about this as well as complain about them always being out of the sale items that are the best deals!

I then had a thought!  Hey, I'm heading to Wal Mart, so I will take my 2 coupons and the Walgreen's ad and get Wal Mart to price match those 2 items.  Great plan until I realized as we were pulling in to Wal Mart that I left the ad at home!  GGRRRRR  go me....I'm so good at messing my shopping up.

Anyway, here is what I ended up with at Wal-Mart:

Carnation Instant Breakfast, $4.58, used $1 coupon making it $3.58
2-Wilkinson 4 pack razors for ..97 each.  I used 2-$1 coupons making them free.
2-Spic and Span spray cleaner for .97 each, used $1/2 coupon making them just .47 each.
3 pack of Ivory Soap for .97, used $1 coupon making it free.

I spent $5.19 and saved $5 with coupons.  I'm pretty impressed on this one.  I do like how as of yet, the cashier just checks the coupon when the register tells her too and even though the item was .97, still takes off the $1.  I'm enjoying looking for the good deals at Wal-Mart online now.
Not to mention....I printed 4 of the coupons from Inboxdollars so will get .10 each into my account.

Thanks for reading!

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