Thursday, May 19, 2011

Squidoo Hopping 5/19/11

With bloggers down time last week it seems my Squidoo blog hop post also disappeared.

I did learn some things last week while hopping around.  The first thing was that we can place our own affiliate coding in to the modules.  That sure would have been something to know all along!  I have my work cut out for me to go through all my lenses and change these out.  I do sell things in amazon from time to time.  

I built a lens yesterday putting in my own AISN number for amazon.
This Day in History April 30 is what I chose to build.  I need to keep up with these, not just doing days that are of importance in history to me.  I have lots of dates throughout the year that have meaning to me, but right now those are few and far between.  Next up is my brothers birthday next week, so I hope to do another date before that.

I went in this morning to update my Bicycle Hostel--Hutchinson, KS.  I was in hopes of adding links to directories of hostels around the US.  What I found in search was about nothing!  If by chance you know of any bike hostel listings, please let me know.  I found lots of hostel listings, but not specifically for bicyclists, and certainly not free.  I do also realize that many of them along the bike route are not free to stay like the one at my church is.

I'm going to close for now, but I should have a lot of updated lenses to list next week as well as hopefully a couple of newly built ones as well.

Please remember that I appreciate a link back to my post if you hop along, whether it's a link withing your post, or if you use my button in your post, or have the button on your sidebar.  Thanks!

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