Monday, May 16, 2011

Dillon's (Kroger) Shopping 5/16/11--52% Savings

I can't seem to get much over just 50% savings on my shopping, but I'm working on it.  It's pretty easy to do a huge % savings when you are ONLY buying the good things with coupons.  However, there are things we need that there aren't coupons for (for the most part).

Dillon's is having the Mega Buy 10 Items get $5 off your order sale.  I bought 20 items getting $10 off total.  Pricing includes the .50 additional off each item.  My store doubles coupons, not to exceed $1 off.

Mega Event items:

4-Kraft BBQ sauce at .49 each (no coupons)
Ronzoli Smart Taste Pasta $1.49, used $1 coupon--.49
Puffs $1.48, used .50 coupon--.48
Uncle Ben's Ready Rice--$1.25, used .75 coupon--.25
Ragu Pasta Sauce  $1.17 (no coupon)
Dole Salad $1.99 (no coupon)
American Beauty Pasta .49 (no coupon)
Jello Refirdgerated Pudding, $1.99, used .60 coupon--.99
2-Cap'n Crunch cereal at $1.99 each, used 2-.50 coupons--.99 each
2-Gillette Shave Gel at $1.49 each, used 2-.55 coupons--.49 each
Philadelphia Cooking Creme--$2.29, used $1.50 coupon--.79
Freschetta Pizza--$4.99, used $2 coupon--$2.99
1 Gillette Body Wash and 1 Gillette deoderant--Body was was $2.99, used $2 coupon--.99-----I then used a Buy the Body Wash, get the Deoderant free coupon---taking off $3.90 (deoderant was $3.40 after .50 off with Mega Event savings, so I ended up with both items for just .49 each)

(Here is where I messed up--somehow miscounted on how many items and ended up paying the .99 each for 2 more  bottles of the BBQ sauce---this really ticks me off when I do things like this--$1.98 plus sales tax that I did not need to spend)

Other good deals:
Pantene shampoo on sale for $3.33, used $2 coupon--$1.33
gallon milk on sale for $2.99
Potatoes and strawberries were to total cost of $5.28, I used a $1 off coupon so both together cost me $4.28
Mentos--sale $1, used .35 coupon--.30
Kraft 2% cheese slices on sale for $1.79, used $1 coupon--.79
Kroger Ice Cream (my indulgent item), on sale for $2.50, used store coupon for .40 off--$2.10

In total, with sales tax I paid $49.16 for the items in the photo (notice that my daughter ate the Lunchable on the way home from the store)
I saved 52% including sales and coupons.   Including the $10 extra as coupons, I saved a total of $32.10 with coupons.

As much as I would like to get my % of savings higher, I am still very pleased with what I did get for the money.  Tonights supper---Freschetta pizza, Dole salad, and strawberries--yum! yum!  and at a total cost of $6.47 plus tax not including the milk we will drink.  Not bad at all!!

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