Friday, May 20, 2011

Frugal Friday's With Marsha 5/20/11

Here we are to Friday again.  I hope to see lots of you sharing your frugal type posts in the linky this week.   I'm sharing 2 of my shopping posts in the linky, as well as my Mailbox Monday post.

This week has been a rainy week so I've not been able to hang clothes out to dry.  However, so far I've only done one load of laundry too.  Procrastinating as I wait for a non-rainy day.  I had to do one though to get myself clean jeans.

We've done a lot of shopping this week because our amended return came in.  I can't say that we were super frugal in the shopping, although we did buy the cheapest brands we could on a lot of the items.  My daughter, Jasmine, and I were in need of some clothing.  Jasmine did try to only choose clothing from the clearance racks, so I'm pretty proud of her for that.  She knew how much she was given to spend and worked to make the most of it.  What she didn't spend on clothes at Wal-mart, she was able to pick up more at the Goodwill store.

I also bought a few things at the Goodwill store as well.  I bought 2 bags of stuffing (I have some super cute little crocheted creatures I'm going to be making soon) and a skein of black yarn.  Out of my whole tote of yarn, I was out of black....and it's a color I need for a lot of those critters too.  I also picked up a package of thank you cards for my middle daughter as well.

I also chose to shop at Aldi for our stock up of groceries.  No coupons, and no sales to speak of there, but we all know that for the most part it's the cheapest place to shop.  I spent $159 and some change.  I plan on taking my receipt and making myself out a listing to carry with me.  Then I will price compare when shopping.  If the items at Aldi are cheaper, even with sales at the grocery store, then to Aldi I will go for those items.

We cut some spinach leaves out of the garden this week.   It's a good thing that we aren't dependent on our garden for food, but it would be nice to be.  The dirt here isn't good at all.  I'm working on attempting a compost pile.  I've never done one is all my life.  Jasmine and I have been reading gardening books and watching gardening videos for over a year now.  Anyway, I hadn't even ever eaten spinach, but I tore some of it up into my regular lettuce salad and will keep doing so.  Spinach is growing well in the garden.  I only planted a bit of it, saving more to plant later so that we will have it all summer.   The peas seems to be doing well enough.  We have some strawberries that are turning red.  The onions are also doing very well.   I severely need to get all the weeds out of the garden.
Our first spinach "harvest":

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