Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shop Hop Saturday 2/26/11

Good Saturday to all!  I am later than usual getting my shop hop blog posted for this week.  This morning I was busy with some posts on gather and packing a few boxes.  This afternoon I had a good time visiting with my friend Heather.  I met her through gather then found out we only live 30 minutes from each other.  It's always so great for me when she comes to visit and I have someone to visit with (rant and whine too) in person instead of just on the computer all the time.

Due to our move, I have packed up all of my crafts and have dedicated the time I usually work on crafts to packing boxes.  Four more days and we close on the house!!

However, I did finish up that table runner and got it listed in my etsy store this week.  In addition, I put together a set of little girls bracelets that were already made.  I also put together 2 more of the hot pad and coaster sets with items I already had made.
You can see of it below:

Hot Pad and Coaster Set in Country Blue We are moving starting Wednesday and will be living in the house by this time next Saturday.  I won't have anything new to list in my etsy shop between now and then.  I'm not sure if I will make this post next week or not!  I have a feeling that all of Saturday is going to be dedicated to getting us as settled in to start staying in our new home as I can.  I will be taking a car load of boxes over on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and putting away what I can each day as well.

Click the button below and join abitosunshine in this blog hop!   Supporting each other is important, and Ruthi putting together this hop was such an excellent idea.

Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshine
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