Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday 2/23/11

I'm late getting my WIP post up for this week...but as you know, the major work in progress for us right now is buying the house.  We've been busy today getting some things done as well as some packing.  I've been packing one or two boxes a day.  With the house closing in a week I need to step that up a bit.

I've put away all of my crafts and such except for some things I am working on for the house.  A man at church is cleaning out his mother's house since her passing and gave me a bag of rug yarn.  I have made a little rug for in front of the kitchen sink and I'm now working on making placemats for the table too.  I doubt I can get them done before we move, but I'm working on them while just sitting  and doing things here on the computer.

Below is photos of the little work on the placemats....boxes that are packed and in one part of the basement.....and boxes that are packed in our bedroom.

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