Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mail Call! Week of April 18

I would say it was a pretty good mail week.

I rec'd:

Skoal coupons

Organizing From the Inside Out--book won from
$25 prepaid Visa from redgage (I won this with entries into the daily drawing for getting a referral.  If you aren't signed up and are interested, please let me know so that I can send you a referral.)

Florida postcard

$10 in coupons from eatbetteramerica

bag of m&m pretzels

new battery for my neilson scanner (bonus 500 pts for changing it out)

Bananagrams game from

2 coupon trains

3 packages of bias tape won in listia--my first item with 5 more on the way! (if you aren't using listia yet, it's really fun, so many things to get free, and many easy ways to get points)
Auctions for free stuff at
My Jerky Direct autoship (which was fully paid for this month with commissions!) (My store can be found at

Birthday card from my mom

.09 paypal from youdata (

Not a bad week at off I go to try to make some more money, redeem for more gifts or try to win some more prizes.

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