Friday, April 30, 2010

Walgreen's Shopping 4/25/10

(I just realized I hadn't posted this to my blog yet)

I started working on my list Saturday evening, finished up with it Sunday morning before we headed to church.  My brothers church is on 30th, along with Walgreens so I had a plan.....make Steve stop there on the way home to make sure I got my shopping in!

This is what I got:
Tone bodywash, on sale for $3.99, rec'd $3 back in register rewards (rr's)  (there is a $1 printable coupon for this, but it wouldn't print for me)

Clorox Clean Up 32 oz spray and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, on sale 2 for $6, rec'd back $2 in rr's  (I debated on buying these since I had no coupons, but I just used the last of my wipes and I love cleaning both the kitchen and the bathroom with them...and, I've been wanting the spray to help bring back the white to some things around here)

Plackers Flossers, on sale for $2, rec'd back $2 in rr's  (there was supposed to have been a .50 coupon in the paper on the 18th, but didn't find one in mine)

3M packing tape, on sale for just .99 with Walgreen's coupon and I used a $1 coupon (my best deal since I use it all the time and regular price is $3.49!)

Walgreen's 20 sq ft aluminum foil, on sale for .79 with Walgreen's coupon (we were out)

Stayfree Maxi pads, on sale for $2.99, used $1 coupon and got back $3 in rr's

Skintimate Shave gel on sale for $2.99 and got back $3 in rr's.

Warhead freezer bars, $1 (this was an impulse buy at the register because I knew Jasmine would love them).

I used a total of $9.50 in register rewards from my previous shopping trip.

I spent $10.50 on my regage Visa card, $1.45 was sales tax.  I saved $14.60 with coupons and got back a total of $13 in register rewards for my next shopping trip!!

I could have saved more if I had all available coupons....and could have spent less without the freezer pops, but all in all, I am quite satisfied with my shopping.  I think anytime I can save more than I spend.....AND walk out of the store with more in register rewards that I spent, makes is a success for me.
Pictured below is what I got minus the Stayfree.  We are well stocked up on this type of product thanks to Walgreen's so I sent them home with my mom for my other daughters.  I also forgot to take the freezer pops out of the freezer to get them in the photo.

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