Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday March 25

Good Morning! I haven't been on the computer much this morning, concentrating more on the housework and now ready to start schoolwork with Jasmine.

On the way to take the girls to school Elizabeth had to call us. About half way there that rod went all the way out on the van. Now it's still sitting down there and I have no idea when we can get someone to pull it home for us. I also need prayers on coming up with the $300 we need to buy another engine for it.

I posted a book on blujay yesterday and have another one to post today. Both are new books that I've written book review squidoo lenses on. Yesterday's was With Violets

I didn't get anything extra into gather yesterday other than an article on the van breaking down.

I'm sad that we will have to now miss the Lenten service at church tonight, and once again I have to call and get a ride for the girls to Awanas. I think Jasmine and I will walk to the grocery store this afternoon for a few things. I think the weather will hold out for us today, but tomorrow is a real cool down with a chance of rain....Friday they are calling for even more of a cool down with a chance of snow. Oh boy....

I guess that's it for today's news. I need to check real quick to see what's supposed to be good deals at the grocery store. I looked at the ad but didn't see anything exciting.

Have a good Wednesday!
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