Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday March 23

Good Morning!
I kind of took the day off yesterday, didn't even post my blog. With the file system Sunday is one of the free days. I just felt lazy as it was and didn't even concentrate too much on my online earnings...mostly played some games.
Today is a moderate cleaning day on my schedule, with that cleaning being done upstairs. I've already done up a bunch of the dishes, but I really don't look forward to sweeping and mopping the kitchen at all. Mom's kitchen is such a cluttered up sloppy mess I just can't stand it! However, I'm the only one who sweeps and mops.

Yesterday I did post a Budget Sunday Dinner post on gather. And, around my messing I still managed to get over 100 pts with gather yesterday. I need 1,080 more points to make my goal to cash out for both a $25 and $50 amazon by April 1. If I can keep getting points like I am now I should be able to make it! Here is the link to yesterday's post. Budget Sunday Dinner 3/22/09

I didn't do any updating of squidoo lenses...I told you I pretty much took the day off. Not even sure which one or two I will try to do today.

Today's plans other than the cleaning include getting my mom to a dr. appt this afternoon, watching Guilding Light upstairs so I can answer the trivia at vocalpoint, and visiting my son this evening. And, after visiting my son sitting upstairs to watch the season finale of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It's sad to not have a tv down here right now for sure. I plan to work on my coupons while watching shows. So, there goes a huge chunk of my internet time. Just reading my own plans is making me tired!

Guess I better get up to that kitchen. Here's to an awesome start to your week!
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