Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday March 26

Good Morning!
They are calling for a winter weather advisory by later this afternoon with winds upt to 50 mph and up to 6 inches of snow....disgusting I tell you!

Yesterday what quite the day...only one thing I really would like to repeat. It started out normal enough with me taking turns between doing things on the computer and cleaning. My daughters boyfriend got my van home. Jasmine and I walked to the grocery store. Today would have been my normal day to shop but with colder weather today and having to walk I hurried and got out coupons and we headed out.
I got home and the mail had come. I got notification that I won $250 in the Guilding Light Sweepstakes through (that's the part I would love to have a repeat of!) Not long after that, our dog, Malachi got outside and down the alley to be attacked by a large dog. Poor guy! We couldn't stop the bleeding on his side. We attempted to get the guy who owns the big dog to help with money to get him to the vet with no luck. That made my daughter's boyfriend mad, which is turn he then got the police involved...long drawn out story, but we did get the money up to get our Malachi to the vet where he had to have 2 stitches and was put on antibiotics. If the police hadn't been called our little man would be home with us, but because of them being called, he is not at the animal shelter for 10 days of quaranteen. We found out his rabies shot was the 1 year one so he was behind. I miss him terribly and so does everyone else, it's going to be a long 10 days before he gets to come home. And, we have to pay out another $160 to get him from the animal shelter as well. It costs just under $140 at the vet last night.

Anyhow, I wrote an article about it all and then a follow up after the vet. If you are interested in reading either one you can find them on my gather posts page.
I have a couple of photo essays and my shopping trip to post today.

I didn't get a thing done on squidoo yesterday, in fact, I don't think I opened it at all. I also didn't end up getting that book listed on blujay either. I hope for a much more productive day all the way around today. Since I don't have the van to drive I have nowhere to go today. My mom has to pay someone else to take her to the dr. appt.
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