Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday March 24

Good Morning!
Man, with the extra cleaning, extra dr. appt to take my mom to, and watching 2 shows upstairs, I went to bed last night feeling like it was such a wasted day. I know tha it wasn't. It's important that I help to clean upstairs even though I live in the basement. I worked on coupons during the 2 shows and now have them in my notebook up to the letter P. And, I did make it through most of my internet programs during the day too.

I wasn't planning on anything extra at gather, then that bill collector called me for a 3rd time. I'm telling you I would remember a loan, and one that I paid on for 2 years. Come on, this can NOT be mine! I posted on gather about it again, but won't share that here with you all.

I also wasn't planning on getting a squidoo lens updated yesterday either, but ended up winning a prize at mycoolcontests, so added that to my page. Mycoolcontests
It's a fun site to check each day even though I do need more referrals so that I have more entries each day in order to have a better chance of winning.

Today's plans include doing what I can on the computer, getting chicken in the crockpot for supper. I am going to mix some of it in with the frozen broccoli and cheese, open a jar of applesauce and serve dinner rolls for our supper before bowling this evening. I also have to get my mother to her Thursday dr. appt.
I really don't think the van is going to make it much further. Now we smell gas when we drive and we already know that aside from the rod going out, that has warped the bearing that gas is getting in to the oil. I'm thankful for the over 300 miles we have been able to drive it.

That's it for today folks..better get up and put the chicken in the crockpot before that slips my mind (I'm good at doing that lately) Have a great Tuesday!
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