Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday March 27

Good Morning!
I've gotten some of my cleaning done. Today is the big cleaning day for here in the basement.
We didn't get the 3 inches of snow they predicted here...yet. The winter weather advisory continues throughout today. We have the winds that they predicted right now and it's mighty cold out there.

Yesterday I worked as hard as I could on here on my earning. I posted 6 posts on gather! I updated 2 squidoo lenses. I got the book Superdove listed on blujay. I dug around and found a few more things to list on blujay. One thing is a lot of 4 Peter Pan peanut butter lids from 1952 and 1953 that have Peter Pan movie characters on them.

I know around the cleaning I won't get as much done on the computer as I did yesterday. I won't hardly get anything done tomorrow as I've agreed to work 7 hours doing child care at Headstart. I am kicking myself for agreeing, and stressing out over being away from home 7 hours but I know I need to do it and make the extra $50. I don't come anywhere close to making that on the computer. We need money now to get our dog out of the animal shelter as well as to get the van running again. Money...or the need of it sure is an unending thing.

Here is my book review of Superdove on squidoo. I put a sticky note in the lens with the link to it for sale on blujay. Superdove Book Review

Here is one of the posts I did on gather. My grocery shopping trip on Wednesday. Grocery Shopping 3/25/09

The Under the Rainbow Spring Celebration starts on Monday. I present on Monday as well. I hope some of you can make it and check things out. I've been doing this for about 5 years and it's a lot of fun. Ralyn goes all out to put on a good online fair and the prize drawings are even done live on her webcam.
Under The Rainbow Spring Fling!

I think that is all of my news for today. I probably won't be doing my blog tomorrow as I would have to get up way too early to get it done before work LOL Have a wonderful day and if you are having cold spring weather like we are...stay warm!
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