Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday April 14

Good Morning! Oh my goodness, I did it again, I overslept by over an hour. I really can't afford to do that time wise.
No plans outside the house today. Today is laundry day so I am about to get that started. Then, the everyday housework, some of which didn't get done yesterday since when I was home I was exhausted. I haven't filed my son's state taxes for him yet, so I need to get that filled out right away and out on the mailbox. It's also the day to look at the sales ad, make my shopping list and get the matching coupons ready. Before I do that I need to cut out the rest of the pile of coupons that I have. Can we say Marsha will never have her coupons in the order she wants them in?

When I went to work yesterday there weren't any children for me to watch, so Jasmine and I ended up being part of the highway litter crew. The volunteering for yesterday was part of the adopt a highway program. Only 1 parent showed up to help. They are paying me for the 30 minutes to get there and the 30 minutes home. It's all good, part of my vision board is that I want to volunteer more.

Nothing exciting to announce. I did get my last craft order completed and out in yesterday mail. Now I need more orders to work on. In the meantime I'm going to make up the rest of my netting into dish scrubbies and then start working on crocheting another plarn shopping bag. Even without orders I have enough supplies on hand to make things probably for a whole year, so something to always keep my busy.

Until tomorrow, have a great "hump" day!
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