Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday April 14

Good morning! OMG! I way over slept this morning. I guess I needed the rest after so many nights of having a hard time getting to sleep.
Bowling is over for the season but I have a church council meeting this evening. I am also working all afternoon at Headstart doing childcare while parents volunteer for highway cleanup. In other words, I won't get much done around the house or on the computer before it's time to go to work.

Sorry for such a rant yesterday...the rest of the day went much better. My daughter's ex husband said he had a car that he wasn't using, so if we wanted to insure it and put a battery in it he would let us use it. My daughter sold her car in the back yard for junk to pay the insurance, and we took the battery out of my van. That didn't last long...already for some reason it won't start. (sigh) Which means either we figure it out fast or we have to find a ride to get the girls to their Headstart class and me to work.

I still couldn't get videos to upload into gather yesterday. When I get off work I will restart the computer and see if that helps anything. I really want to share all the videos I took at Easter time.

I won another prize on mycoolcontests last night, so once again my mycoolcontests lens is updated. I'm very appreciative of whoever it was that signed up under me giving me another entry in for the prizes! MyCoolContests I've not heard anything yet on whether or not I'm approved for giant squid...but then again, not a day goes by where I can actually get through an entire day of email so I have over 6000 emails to catch up on in my gmail.....(sigh again) maybe tomorrow, which is what I always say LOL

I better head out of here and get some other things done. I'm thinking of doing another blogspot...I would title it something like My Frugal Week and share recipes, things that I do to save money, shopping trips etc. What do you think?

Have a great Tuesday!
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