Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday February 11

Good Morning. The weather took a turn from yesterday. Now they are saying snow this morning, but still a high in the 50's so it will melt soon away. Yesterday was just's hit just over 70, and with a slight breeze. Jasmine and I walked to the grocery store and to the dollar store. On the way home I stopped at a small used car garage and asked what he could sell me for the $500 I had in my wallet. I came home with a 1986 Safari van. I wrote up an article on gather about it, asking opinions on whether I should keep it or take it back. I got mixed opinions for sure...some say congrats, some say good deal for the money, others say take it back, or it can't be worth anything for so little money. I hope you will take a look at the article and also give me your opinion. The Van that I Bought

I was disappointed this morning to find that I had only made $1.52 for December with squidoo. I think I know why though....I don't know when, but they changed it where it didn't automatically set you to all cash, while building the lens you had to go in and mark that. I didn't discover it until about 20 lenses later...they are all set for cash now. I got so busy walking to the store, then buying a van, then bowling in the evening that I barely did anything online yesterday.
I'm so tired this morning that after I type this I am going back to bed for a bit.

Jasmine is excited that I will be able to take her to Awana's this evening. My oldest daughter needs a ride to take care of some medical card stuff. Heather has a dr. appt, this afternoon. It will be another busy day with little time on the computer!

So, I bid you adeau for today,

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