Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday February 9

Good morning! We got that rain and now wind with it, although the high is still supposed to be 64 today. It drops to the 50's tomorrow, but we are to have snow by Wednesday.
I am in hopes of getting my federal income tax refund in the mail today....the check in site states it was to be mailed February 6. If it does come then I want to make my trip to Wal Mart, pay the cable bill, pay rent to my mom, put money into savings and then see how much is possibly left to buy a running vehicle. There won't be much left.

I did my cleaning before getting on the computer, then I've spend the last 2 hours working on clearing posts in my own group on gather.
Here is my weekly mail call post: Mail Call! Week of February 1

Not sure right now which of my squidoo lenses will get updated today, but I am heading to do that next. I don't even know which one to feature today. I think I will do Sample Gal as it's only gotten like 2 views since I built it. Sample Gal

Have a great day!

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