Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday January 3

I'm going to have to say good afternoon today as it's almost right up noon as I start to type for the day.
The weather is still on the warmer side, but it's misting outside. They are calling for snow by Tuesday.

I've been busy today on here. I finished reading the book With Violets last night. It's a book I received from the fiction readers group on gather to read and review.
I posted my review on gather this morning... With Violets By Elizabeth Robards Book Review
and I also built a squidoo lens on it that I hope you will check out as there is much more there. This marks my 40th lens built! With Violets Book Review

I am busy with too many projects as usual. I'm still working on clearing out my gmail. I am crocheting a plarn shopping bag that a lady wants. They are fun. I'm still trying to do all my other things online as well as attempting to keep the house is a decent order. In keeping with my goal I am trying to list one item a day new on blujay. I have a whole crate of books to prepare for listing.

Have a great Saturday,
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