Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday January 19

Happy Monday and Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday. School are out and many are off work today.
I got busy doing other things on here this morning and just realized I hadn't typed my daily blog yet.
I've also been working on getting some cleaning sure is endless with the 4 grandkids living here.

I will work on coupons this evening while I watch Secret of the American Teenager. I really like that show. I'm going to be working on crocheting this plarn shopping bag while I do things on the computer.

I realize I forgot to share my weekly mail call post on gather. I had a pretty good week last week and hoping for the same or even better this week! Mail Call! Week of January 11

for today I will feature the lens that I made on Cello In a Box...another business I have been a part of for over 2 years. Cello In A Box

Now I'm going to run...lunch is already ready and I still have loads of things to get done today.

Have a great holiday Monday,
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