Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday January 22

Good Morning.
Today's plans include going to get commodities this morning if my daughter will wake up to give me a ride. Last time they had run out of food to give out by the time we got there. (this is done, stopped typing when they got up, so we did get our food)
I am volunteering in Ariel and Araya's classroom at Headstart today.
I will sort coupons this evening while I watch Gray's Anatomy. I actually have them all cut out and in my sorting box.
I just have the straps to get made for the plarn shopping bag. I should be able to get that finished today too.
I am also hoping they will take me to do some grocery shopping after school is out. I have my list and coupons ready for the sale.

I joined The Bar yesterday through Marketing Pond. It looks very interesting and Valerie talks up the possiblities. With only a $10 minimum to get paid you can earn quickly without any referrals, but get referrals and the sky is about the limit on what you can earn with it. I hope you will check it out and join. Join The Bar to Earn!
This may or may not work, I am getting a redirect error. If you are interested in joining under me, please leave me a comment and I will send you an email referral. Thanks!

For today I will feature the squidoo lens that I built on gather. Take a look see. I list what I've redeemed for, gotten free, or won as a prize in the lens. It is truly the best site out there. Gather--the Best in Social Networking

Woo Hoo! Tomorrow is Friday and the start of the weekend. I'm going to wish you all an early good start to the weekend.
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