Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday October 1

Here is it October 1, and the world didn't end. In case you are wondering, someone, or some church was passing out flyers to the children on the school playgrounds last week stating that September 30 was the last day on earth. I have to day I'm glad I have more time here.
It's a beautiful day out. Work went well. I made a little trip to the grocery store after work. The kids have Awanas this evening. It's also the monthly healing service at our church this evening. I should go while the kids are at Awanas.

The only posts I've mostly been doing on gather lately are my daily Investing for the Future from the calendar by Larry Burkett. I've put in some photos here and there, but mostly I've been concentrating on squidoo. I plan on building some more lenses today. I got an inspiration in a forum post stating about the holidays being around the corner so to build build build.

I hope you will take another look at my lenses over to the left, and as I get more done I will come in and add them to the list.

Have a great day!

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