Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday October 3

Good Morning!
I forgot I don't get this Friday off as it's my mom's payday so I will be running with her for about 4 hours.
I have some cross magnet materials to work on while taking her around. They will be put with my other crafts in the yard sale tomorrow. I also thought of an idea yesterday of making some magnets and bookmarks to try to sell as well. I will be working on those once home, and worked on them last night too.

I built 2 more squidoo lenses yesterday, so there are now 5 new ones on the list to the left. I hope you will check them out. I am still a long ways from the 50 needed to be a giant squid, but I am happy with what I am getting done.

Today's gather post I am sharing is Part 2 from the Cosmosphere. Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center--Photo Essay 2

I hope you have a great day! The weather here is still nice and hopefully will hold out through the yard sale tomorrow. The mornings are chilly but not too bad.

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