Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday October 2

Good morning!
I reached my cashout with winster this morning for a $5 amazon. Now to see how long it takes to get to the next million to see if I want to continue with the fun of playing. I will add the amazon to what I am saving for a laptop.

I have to be to work in 30 minutes...then the usual Thursday after work...taking Heather to math tutoring and then my mom to the doctor.

I built 3 more lenses over at squidoo yesterday but haven't added them to the side bar here yet. I might get to that later today.

I got my 1st photo essay in on the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center at gather yesterday. Will get the 2nd one in today and the 3rd tomorrow.
Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center--Photo Essay 1

I will be participating in the Under the Rainbow Spooky Celebration this coming Saturday, and then on Wednesday. I will give more information on that tomorrow.
We also are still trying to get a little bit together here and there for the yard sale on Saturday. As cool as the mornings are I really don't look forward to setting up shortly after 6 am, but hopefully we can sell a few things.

Guess I better get ready for work...have a great day!
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