Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday September 7

I'm late getting to my blog today. I got home from church and started in on trying to do all my paid to clicks and to post on gather.
After church I was taking my mom to deliver some Avon orders. At one house we seen a Silhouette van like what I have now except 3 years newer for $1200. A couple other people are trying to buy it but mom is going to check with the credit union tomorrow on a new loan and if she can get it and if it's not sold already by the time we find out, we plan on getting it. It's in so much nicer shape than what I am driving now.

Remember my squidoo page? If you can think to click on it daily, I would appreciate it, I need the page views to help my ranking and to help me earn money. Marsha's Gifts Galore and More Squidoo Lens

Today I will share a photo essay I put together after Jasmine and I took a walk around the neighborhood. It was my last summer hoorah for bonus points for the photos. Last Summer Hoorah Photos

It hasn't rained yet today and the sun is peeking out of the clouds. THe forecast called for 30% chance today and a 40% chance for tomorrow. I hoping for no rain on our say trip to the state fair tomorrow. I won't be posting my blog tomorrow as I will be busy for over 12 hours with work and the fair. Once we get home I probably will just get a bath and fall in to bed.

Until Tuesday, have an awesome day!
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