Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday September 10

So much for my non-busy day. I've already had to take my mom to pay the van payment, then to pay the water bill, then to pay the car insurance, and then to the store.
I went a little crazy at the store as they are offering on the Box Top and Label for Education items when you buy 15 you get an additional $3 off your grocery bill. You can do the offer up to 3 times in one transaction. I did it twice as I happened to have coupons with me for 30 items. Most items were also on sale. Along with my other groceries, sales, and coupons I spent $89 which was a savings of 42% so I don't think that I did bad at all.

I still have to take Jasmine to her dentist appointment in 1 1/2 hours.
We won't hear about approval or non-approval on the loan on that other van until sometime tomorrow. If you are reading this, pray for the best for us on this. I will really be disappointed if it doesn't go through. The people selling it lowered the price to $1000 so that we would have the other $200 to pay the taxes, tags and insurance.

Today I am going to share the photo essay I did on gather about the rugs that I crochet. I hope you enjoy. Crocheted Rag Rugs with Photos

I am trying to find out if there is a squidoo banner to use. I am also running some ideas for other lens through my mind.

I am not sure if I will get a chance to post tomorrow. The morning starts out taking my mom to get her commodity food, then I am off to work. Right after work I have to take Heather to her math tutoring. Then, my mom has her dr. appt. which right after that we have to get supper, then I am off to the church council meeting.
Friday isn't much better working 8-4. I will have to see what happens.

Until I write again, take care!
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