Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday September 9

I was right...we came home from the fair last night and I just took my bath and pretty much went to bed. I was exhausted! It was a good day for the time I got to spend with Jasmine but a bad day due to the weather. It was only 50 degrees and windy! I was so cold that my feet were cramping up and my hands were numb. I took lots of pictures as well as videos of the rides that the kids rode.
Today is another busy day. In less than 2 hours I have to be at work. Right after work Heather has her math tutoring and I will have to take my mom grocery shopping. This evening is bowling.
Thankfully they give the kids a day off of school tomorrow for the fair and the only appointment we have is Jasmine for the dentist. I plan on just relaxing on the computer tomorrow!

I will go ahead and share my latest mail call post on gather today. Mail Call! Week of August 31

I also added a huge list of different articles I have put on gather to my squidoo lens as well. Marsha's Gifts Galore and More Squidoo Lens

Here's to the most relaxing day you can have today,
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