Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday September 12

It started raining about 4 pm yesterday and it's never stopped. Almost 24 hours now of non-stop rain means a lot of water.
I made it through yesterday's busy schedule and I made it through work today.
It's not a good day, and I am feeling depressed and disappointed. Mom wasn't apporoved for the loan on the van at the credit union. Knowing how much we needed it and I wanted it she tried another loan place but was also denied.
I guess I have to be happy with what we have with the exhaust system being held up with coat hangers, the radiator fan that doesn't work, the battery that must be replaced and the doors that won't open from the outside. I know there is something to be said to be happy with what you have as it's better than nothing, but that's hard.
I will get back to clicking all I can and attempting to save to get something else.

Today I will share a recipe with you that I posted on gather. We had it for supper the other night and it's one of our family favorites. Chicken with Carrots and Gravy--Quick, Easy and Cheap

Please don't forget to check out my squidoo daily. I am still trying to figure out a banner for that site as well as how to add a few things more to it...but the hardest is getting the traffic to the page, which is how you earn money from them. Marsha's Gifts Galore and More Squidoo lens

Tomorrow morning is sewing club at church, so it will be the afternoon also tomorrow before I get a chance to write.
Until then, take care!

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