Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday August 31

Good afternoon.
We had a flash storm yesterday...seemed it just literally came out of the blue. I took some pics for summer pics at gather....have to make the most of every opportunity until the promo is over.

I got really busy on the basement and getting this stuff organized and then didn't want to stop. I'm about to get back at it. I'm thankful tomorrow is a holiday to give me another full day of working down here. My muscles are getting really sore moving all these boxes from place to place but it sure will be worth it once I am done.

I am finding a lot of things that I think we could sell if only we knew where to sell them. I think there might even be enough old stuff in these boxes to maybe even make enough money to fix the plumbing...again if only I knew where to sell the stuff.

Today's gather post that I am going to share is a photo essays of our kitties. Summer Kitty Pics

Mom is yelling that lunch is ready...I will chat more tomorrow.

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