Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It's going to be a day away from home for the most part for me today. It's the day for pictures at my church, for our directory. I am hosting, meaning that I go early to unlock the church so the photographers can set up. Then when it's time for pictures, I am the one doing all the paperwork as they come in for their appointments. Then, late tonight when it's all done I lock up the church.
I was just on the phone with my oldest daughter, Elizabeth, firming up with her what time I need to be at church and what time she needs to get others to appointments today as well as getting everyone to the church for their pictures. Since I am at the church, I am having her drop me off and keep the van.
While on the phone I was hearing strange noises in the tree above the house....I looked up and what did I see?? BATS!! Very eerie.....ugh!

Here is my latest gather article..... Family Olympics at Camp--Photo Essay

I worked all day on getting things in to my blujay store yesterday. I won't have time today to post more, but will hopefully finish up on Thursday. I still have a lot to get in there, but when I am done I will have a nice little store set up, with hopefully something for everyone. Marsha's blujay Store

I just cashed out with linkgrand for the 3rd time. Low $5 payout, and they payout within 24 hours of redeeming. I've put the banner here before, but putting it again if you would like to check it out.

Have a great day and think of me while I am away from the computer.

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