Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday is Here

Good afternoon friends. I am late posting my blog today as I spent all morning running errands and paying bills etc. I did make it out to Home Depot to use my gift card from gather. I got 3 larger storage totes and 2 shoebox size....and a Dr Pepper. I have a little left on my card. Can't wait to earn my next one and get more totes!

It's very hot outside...topping 100ยบ again. It's even pretty warm down here in the basement. I still have to go out again to take my mom to her Monday dr. appt.

I got my weekly freebies article written at gather...a day late...last night. You can find it here: Freebies--Week of June 29

I added more to my blujay store. Still several crafts to go, then I will move on to putting in other items as well. Marsha's blujay Store

Here is another good paid to click program I would like to tell you about. Financial Freedom Ads. Payout is $10 for free members. Ads are worth 1-10 cents. I'm almost to payout on this one.
The new revolution in PTC has arrived!

Have a great day, and once again, stay cool!
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