Friday, April 11, 2008


I say yippee because there is NOTHING written in my planner for today or tomorrow. It's such a feeling of relief, you can't even imagine.

I have accomplished os much today already and it's barely after noon.

I actually did take the time to go to my Freebie Force page and start looking around. In a short time I did a survey for a $10 Amazon gift certificate, sent for several health and beauty samples, sent in for a free coupon for yogurt, got a free mousepad and also an eco friendly shopping bag!
If you haven't clicked my link to check out Freebie Force I highly encourage you to do so.

Even if you aren't interested in the business side of it, its WELL worth the $9.95 a month just for what you can get. However, tell others who sign up and you will have the possibilty of quite an income on top of all the freebies! Don't forget, this is a sill over matrix too so you benefit from the sign up of your upline as well.

I am almost done with a total of 75 samples to send in to Sample Gal. I should be in on the campaign 4. If you didn't check out Sample Gal when I wrote about it here, you can check that out now too at

I'm busy working more on my auctions. Getting some fixed up at mompack auctions, and some added to homeschool buy. I also plan to scan the rest of these books today. Today's Ebay listing is a textbook, Economics, A Contemporary Introduction.

I think that's about it for today folks. Here's wishing you a great start to your weekend.


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