Thursday, April 10, 2008

Late starting day

I am getting a late start on the computer today. This morning I thought it best to not even get anything started on here. My grandson and daughter both had early morning dental appointments. Got those done then headed to work.
After work I still didn't get right on here. Here I am now, but soon to leave again to pick Jr up from school, pick up Heather for her group session and take my mom to her doctor appointment. Hopefully when home from all that I can sit the rest of the evening and relax!

If you didn't read my blog yesterday about Freebie Force, I encourage you to read it today. I won't have a chance to really look through the freebies myself until Saturday.

Today's ebay listing is Creative Expression and Play in Early Childhood Education

I'm still working on my samples to send to sample gal. I am almost done with 75 and better send those in and then work on another 75 as I can. I am also working on the prize of a set of hotpads and matching coasters that I had for the UTR Celeration. If you missed the celebration this time around, be on the look out for my announcements for the next one coming up in June.

It's just been raining and raining here. Looks by the forecast to stay this way thru Saturday then come Sunday and Monday much nicer with highs in the 60's.

Until tomorrow,

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