Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I said spring was here, and well, over the weekend it was. Yesterday turned colder with highs in the mid 50's and we had light rain off and on all day. But, about midnight last night the sky really let go and we had about a 3 hour thunderstorm with pouring rain and hail. This morning the ground is covered with ice pellets.

I got up when I heard it starting to pour and moved my auction boxes off of the floor. I woke up this morning to LOTS of water on the floor...clear out under my desk, undermy clothes rack, soaked into rugs. It's covering half of the kid's play area, which I will have to pick up all the toys before I can pick up and take care of the big blanket that I had down for their flooring.
That agency really should hurry and get mom's roof fixed before the real rainy season, but it's not like we can hurry it along since its free to be done and a service.

This morning is Heathers consultation on her dental surgery. Keep her in your prayers. Everyone is hoping they may be able to do the surgery as soon as tomorrow to get her out of the pain she is in.

Today's ebay listing is a lot of 2 Judith Krantz novels: Princess Daisy and Dazzle.

Well, lots of water to work on cleaning up, so I will close for this day.
Have a glorious day!


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