Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Freebie Force!!

Hi everyone! Today other than my daily ebay post I want to concentrate on telling you about a new program that I joined that I hope you will really check in to and join also!

Valerie, at marketing pond
strives to only list programs within her pond that are free to join and make money, but she feels so strongly about Freebie Force being a good money maker that she's added it to the pond, in fact, its at the top of the program list ( )
Here is a review she has written about the program:

FREEBIE FORCE Although this is a new company, it is set for longevity. Everyone likes freebies and in this day and age, it's great to get free products and services. To top it off, it's a business opportunity. Only $9.95 and you can become a full fledged member, have access to constant freebie stuff, and earn growing residual income. I really don't think it gets much better than this for what you receive and the price point. The freebies more than pay the monthly fee. 5x7 forced matrix. No qualifying. Earn $1 every month residual income on each member in your downline. Tour, videos, training conferences, and more. I believe this company is going to grow very very large.

Here is what she has written about the program at the pond:
Freebie Force International is the only business opportunity within Marketing Pond. The following programs listed, are all free in that you can make free money and get free advertising. By utilizing free to earn programs, you can net more than enough free cash to cover your membership in Freebie Force.


Get Free Stuff. All sorts of freebies added continuously.
Save Money and Make Money with Free products and services.
Make Residual Income - 5x7 Forced Matrix
Pays Out Twice monthly.
Get $1 per month per member in your Freebie Force downline.

Here is my personal link to Freebie Force (or you can go thru the pond link above) I sincerely hope you will chec it out and decide to join me!

Now, for today's ebay link. Today I listed a Criminology textbook....brand new, still in the wrapper!

Have a great day! More on life from me, tomorrow.

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