Monday, April 7, 2008


We've made it to another Monday. The weather isn't going to be as nice throughout the week as it was over the weekend. Highs in the 50's all week here in Kansas with rain most of the week.

I haven't looked at my planner, but I think todays its work, the usual getting Allen Jr. to school and home and taking my mom to her doctor appointment. Then, it's the 2nd day of the Spring Celebration at Under the Rainbow. I am presenting from 6-7 pm this evening, so click on the button here on my blog and come on it!

I got another auction fixed up at mompack auctions. I still have several books to scan to get ready for ebay. I looked through all the Crafts n' Things magazines yesterday and made copies of the projects I want to try. I found a really cute fashion doll furniture set in one of the magazines. I made a trip to Wal Mart and bought the materials and I am going to make it for my granddaughter Ariel's 4th birthday in August. I probably will end up getting a picture of it and adding as a craft for sale on my site too, depending on how it goes.

Today's ebay item is Introduction to Psychology

Our friend from Hays was over yesterday and got a new crossover cable to go from my computer to the girls computer so WOO HOO! they have internet on their computer now and I won't have to share mine so much LOL
I told him of Jasmine and her buying a lot of Sociology and Psychology books at the book sale. He can't believe she is going to read college material. Whatever works and it seems to be something she is interested in, even at the age of 11.

Off I go to finish getting ready for work. I hope everyone has a great day!

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