Monday, March 23, 2015

Gladiator Hits

GladiatorHits - Traffic That Defies The Competition

After getting back in to surfing for traffic at Traffic Dynamite, I thought I would check out another traffic exchange that I've been a member of for some time again.....Gladiator Hits.

Gladiator Hits, I believe is owned by the same people as Traffic Dynamite, and offers pretty much the same surfing.  They also offer a jackpot each week that is shared among the top 25 surfers of the week.   I set myself a goal of  finding out if I surfed 100 websites each day, could I still make the top 25.   My answer for last week was yes!   Included in my points for the week was points for logging in each day as well as points for sharing my referral link on twitter each day (including a bonus for doing each of those all 7 days).  I ended up in 11th place and I rec'd 48 cents, 100 site credits, 120 banner impressions and 200 text impressions.

Just as with Traffic Dynamite, I updated the 5 sites I have in rotation as a free member and also added banners and text links. 

Something that I discovered after writing my post last week is that both sites offer a downline builder section and a surf center section.  
Gladiator Hits has 29 other traffic exchanges listed in the downline builder.  I can't imagine belonging to that many AND trying to be active in them!!
However, in the surf center, they give you a suggested rotating schedule.  They suggest spending 30 minutes in each on on the morning list and each one on the afternoon list each day.  There are only 4 in each section and the 29 are spread out pretty evenly throughout the week.
Yes, I am actually thinking of giving this a try.  It does mean work, mostly work in getting links in to each of the ones that I join.

Since I don't have adsense, I can rotate my blog in the exchanges.  Since I am doing more writing here now that means finding more to see my blog.  It also means more people seeing my Jerky Direct pages and my zibbet and shophandmade (etsy breaks frames so can't be in the exchanges)

I'm having fun, and in the grand scheme of things, that's what matters to me.  I want to have fun while I am earning.
And speaking of earning.  I did also earn 7 cents while surfing for the week in addition to the 48 cents, and I am just 2 trophies away from adding 10 more cents to my bank.  Payout is $20 for free members.

There is one thing different at Gladiator Hits---there is no chat feature on the side like there is with Traffic Dynamite.  I enjoy the chat feature.  There is a link at the bottom that says sign up or log in to chat (which is also at the bottom of Dynamite), but I've not clicked to see what that is all about, but I know I miss having it on Gladiator as well.
Two differences---Gladiator Hits does not have a paid to click section like Traffic Dynamite does.

GladiatorHits - Traffic That Defies The Competition

I want to offer the same as I did for Traffic Dynamite.   If you choose to sign up and give it a try, I will transfer 100 credits to your account so that you can assign them to your sites and get them seen right away.  I will do this after you surf the minimum of 5 websites to be considered active.

Thank you for taking the time to read today!
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