Monday, March 16, 2015

Traffic Dynamite


This past week I have spent a lot of time in the traffic exchange Traffic Dynamite.
I've been a member of this exchange for a few years, but have only gone in to it maybe once every other week to do a bit of surfing.   From now on it's going to be a daily site for me!

It's fun!  It offers chat on the side while you surf.  I ran across someone I know from bubblews, that was even funner to chat with her while surfing.
They offer a weekly jackpot.  The top 25 surfers each week get a share in the jackpot, which rises throughout the week with site activity.  The jackpot consists of cash, website credits, banner credits, and text link credits.

I am a free member, which I probably always will stay.  As a free member I can rotate up to 5 websites for others to see. 
I have to admit that I don't know if that is also the limit for text links and banners as I only have 4 of each of those in rotation.
I actually didn't have any text links or banners in rotation, but if I am going to do this, I need to do it right.

I can tell you right now that another of my long time traffic exchanges that I do, I have gotten 0 click outs from text links at all, and only 2 click outs on my total of banners, and that is with thousands of impressions.   Just this week with Traffic Dynamite, all of my texts and banners have been clicked on.

As you surf there are games and things that you collect where you earn cash and credits.  Share what you are collecting in the chat to earn more points towards ranking for the jackpot of the week.

Oh!  I was 4th place last week in the Jackpot and received  $0.70 cash, 140 credits, 245 banner impressions, and 350 link impressions!
Would you like to come give me some competition as well as get your sites and banners seen as well?
Anyone who does sign up under me I will immediately transfer 100 website credits to your account to get your sites seen right away.

Traffic Dynamite offers so much more than what I have listed here!!


Here are some other statistics and information taken from the website:
* In business since 2003
* Over 10,000 clients
* Owned and operated by a proven web traffic expert (Mark Eward Brown)

The facts are... Traffic Dynamite will not only improve your results, it will help you grow your business and extend your social reach with only a couple clicks of your mouse.

Here are just a few of the top quality benefits that will
give you the most BANG for your buck:
1 Quality Advertising that gets you clients, profits, and brand recognition
2 Fast moving traffic delivery so more of your sites, blogs, brand building banners, and eye grabbing text ads are seen more often
3 Social media integration with Facebook and Twitter to increase social reach, traction and traffic generation to any site
4 Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to help you build links and back links to your websites, blogs, and articles
5 Detonatingly effective Traffic Dynamite tool bar to help you get traffic no matter what web address you're at
6 You get paid to click on ads, referrals, upgrades, and for special web traffic promotions
7 Games, Prizes and much, much more..

You can browse websites, blogs, banner and text ads all from your internet enabled phone or mobile device of choice as well!



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