Friday, February 13, 2015

Frugal Friday with Marsha 2/13/15

Good thing I'm not suspicious on this Frugal Friday the 13th!  :)

This has been a busier than usual week.
Hubby and I got our state income tax refund in.  This means we took our yearly 'stock up' grocery shopping trip to Aldi.  Yes, it's the ONE time a year that we spend more than our normal $40 a week for groceries (and that's if we are lucky).  We generally spend about $250 on our stock up trip, but this year were only able to spend $168 due to some past due bills.
It's still nice to not have an empty deep freeze.

We did some menu planning before leaving.  Menu plans for having family over for meals. 
Looking back, some of what we did buy, I could have gotten for less money with sales and coupons at other stores.  I can honestly say that I wish I would have had the extra time needed for that planning.

Gasoline is up to $2.19 a gallon here now.  It's not that I can complain compared to gas prices we've seen over the past several years, but under $2 a gallon was extra nice. 
A couple times this week I have had to catch rides with church members to save on the gas in my big van.  Yay for those who are willing to do so!  (funerals at church)

I'm still working on my husband to get bills paid ON TIME to avoid the wasted money of late fees.  It's a battle, but I am standing my ground on it.  I downloaded Dave Ramsey's Guide to Budgeting and I am going to send the file over to his computer.  I'm thankful to the person who share that it was a free download!  Click HERE to download it free.

I'm going to leave you this week with some cute Frugal merchandise that I found over on zazzle.
Use the code BUYNSAVEDEAL to save with the President's Day Sale.
I also recently found out that zazzle offers a deal for free shipping. For $9.95 a year you can get Unlimited FREE Standard Shipping on all orders for qualifying products and access to exclusive sales and discounts. They even allow you a 30 day free trial. Free shipping adds up to big savings!

Frugal Chick Coffee Mugs
Frugal Chick Coffee Mugs by chicktees
Browse Frugal Mugs online at
Countess of Clearance Keychain
Countess of Clearance Keychain by bubblegumdesigns
Browse more Countess Keychains at Zazzle

Looking forward to what you share this week!


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