Monday, February 23, 2015

All Business Monday -- Getting On the Right Track

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I feel like I am on the right track with my business.  If I can keep it up, things will be awesome.

I did manage to post daily here to my blog after missing a couple of days last week.  Eventually I would like to get to where I am doing 2 posts per day.

I listed 2 more books in my store.  I also sold a book this past week.

I finished making all of the pink cotton crocheted washcloths that I could with the yarn I had.  I listed 2 sets of them up in my Zibbet store.

I listed this set of 4 patchwork hot pads in my Etsy shop.  I also got an order for a set of the coasters this past week.

I've been getting in more items for review again, which is always good.  A lot of what I get in are books, so reading has been upped in my life. 
I'm also still keeping up with my paperwork like I should be!

How has your past week of earning been?


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