Friday, February 27, 2015

Frugal Friday With Marsha 2/27/15

Just one more day left in February.  In some ways it seems to have flown by.  I can't wait for Spring.

Speaking of Spring, have you started your Spring cleaning yet?  I'm reading online different places that many have.  I keep commenting back to them that when they are done, they can come to my house next.

I went to a meeting Monday morning and on the way gas was still $2.18 a gallon.  When I got out of the meeting at noon, it had jumped to $2.29 :(  It's holding steady there.  When I put gasoline in my mom let me use her Plus card to get 10 cents off a gallon.  That helped.  I never use our gas points because I let hubby use them when he gases up.   I WISH they wouldn't combine our cards just because we live in the same house and are married.  I would much rather know that points on my card are from money that I spent at the store and the points on his card are his.
Sometimes we go together to gas and gas both vehicles on the same pump.  That's not happened for some time though.

I used all of my amazon credit this past week ordering myself 2 slow cookers.  I have several recipes that I want to make and our 6 qt slow cooker is just too large for them.
I LOVE the fact that I can earn amazon through PerkTV (code 860efbf6 will earn you 50 bonus points) and Swagbucks and Checkpoints (use bonus code marsha32 on sign up)!
Here are the ones that I ordered:


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