Thursday, February 26, 2015

Writer's Unite 2/26/15

February is coming to a close.  It seems this month has flown by.  We've had nice days and we've had days like today where it's 10 degrees outside.  Here in Kansas we've not had the bad snow like so many are seeing around the country.  Every day that passes is one day closer to Spring!

I've been writing more posts per day again on bubblews even though the pay is very low.  They are still messing with finding good advertisers and having some issues with adsense.  I hope they get it right.  Several have come back after at least one other writing platform has closed and a couple of the others are having trouble paying.  I just stick with what I know and what I am comfortable with because I am already trying to do way more than I should be!

How has your writing week been?  I have kept up with my blogging better, but still would like to get to where I am putting in 2 posts a day.

I look forward to what you share with us this week.

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