Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Homeschool Journal---The End of the School Year is Closing In

I've not written a "journal" entry blog post for our homeschooling in some time now.
It seems that since Christmas we have had so few days that we actually got in a good amount of book work in a day.

It seems it's just so much unschooling now!  Let's see if I can give a lot of examples.

Jasmine has been doing a lot of exercises as well as learning about "super foods" and more.  This would be health/PE.
Exercising with the Slim in 6 dvd's that I purchased as well as still dancing with the Wii, but also with the Playstation game as well.  She's even tried some exercises that she's read in magazines.
The Slim in 6 dvd's came with a booklet all about exercise, eating and health---we've read it cover to cover twice.  We've tried different recipes etc.
On nice days she's been taking walks.  This last week she walked to the public library (just over a mile from our house)...read half a book while there (language arts) and then walked back home.

Jasmine has taken it upon herself to watch some of the science shows through netflix---such as the How It Works and How Stuff Works series.  She then tells us, and others what she learned from each show.

She is still attending Bible study each Tuesday and youth group each Wednesday.
Recently youth group attended the Winter Jam concert.  This prompted her for days to look up bands and lyrics, and do some sharing of both on facebook. (music)

I pulled out the Thresholds to Adult Living textbook and we've been reading it out loud with discussion.  I love those books!  I picked this one up as well as a few others at the public library book sale.  They are all from the 1960's but still very much (if not more) pertain to how a person should live today.  All of these texts cover every aspect of life from friends, dating, marriage, fitness, cooking, health, jobs, budgeting, decorating, and so much more. (I love the photos within the books)

Jasmine, on her own, had been making herself a budget/goal book.  She has made specific goals of things she is saving for and how much (what percentage of) she will save for each goal out of any money that she earns.  Other math would include grocery shopping with me.  We have been working also in an Everyday Math Survival Skills workbook.

Of course she is still drawing all of the time.  I am going to end this post today with a picture she has recently drawn.  I've also used this picture as the intro photo on one of my squidoo lenses.

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