Friday, April 5, 2013

Frugal Friday With Marsha--Making Use of The Public Library

Lately we've been making use of the public library again--making weekly visits.
I'm not sure how we got out of the habit of going, but it started again several weeks ago when my daughter wanted to stop in and look for a movie to check out.

We ended up checking out several movies as well as a music cd.  They didn't have the movie she wanted anymore, so we made use of the inter library loan to get it.

We have a good sized library, but it's wonderful that if by chance they don't have what you ate looking for, you can borrow it from another library.  They even give you extended check out time since it's borrowed.

This past week I checked out a book to use with Jasmine for math.  We had used the prior book in the series already.   She also checked out a few books to read on her own.  I checked out 2 music cd's as well.

THe public library's always have fun things going on.  Currently our library is doing a program they call Blind Date With a Book.  You choose a manilla envelope with a book inside, read it, then write a short review to have your name put in a drawing for prizes.  The outside of the envelope does tell the genre of the book inside.
My first book was called Motel of the Mysteries---it sure was an entertaining book and a quick read.  The genre said futuristic science fiction.   I've already returned it and picked another envelope.  I chose the genre young adult fiction and ended up getting Holes.  Who knows, while I am getting in more reading than I've done in a long time, I may actually win a prize too.

I always had my children signed up for the summer reading program each summer.  Now I make sure the grandkids get signed up for it.  Reading is important---and they get trinket prizes for their reading as well.

Our library has an internet room.  I'm not sure how many computer are in there but it's around 25.  People are allowed to use the computers in there up to 2 hours each day, except Sunday is 1 day.  If the room is full, you are assigned a pager so they can let you know when it's your turn.  In the past I've had to use the room quite often when my computer was down.
The library now offers the wifi throughout the library so you are free to bring your own laptop in anytime you choose.  They've added more tables and more plug ins.  They even have 3 laptops that you can check out---for the same time as you would have in the internet room.

They put in a "coffee bar".  You can order coffee, cookies, juice, muffins etc.   I just had to buy a big chocolate chip cookie when we were in this week.  They were baking them and that smell was throughout the library!

What I miss is the library book sales.  They used to have them twice a year.  I always went on the 2nd day when they let you buy a grocery cart of books for $8.  I'm not sure why they haven't had a sale now in 2 years, but I am going to ask.    They have a used book store inside the library all the time.  Books average in price of $1.    They also always have a cart outside the doorway that is full of items that are free.  I've actually gotten some good stuff from the free cart.

What's going on at your public library right now?



  1. some libraries in the UK are under threat and its so sad as they provide such a service to local people.

  2. I love the library, in fact I visit 2 almost every week to get books and movies.

  3. Your library sounds wonderful. I enjoy going to ours, but it is a lot smaller than the one you have. Kids always went to the summer programs, love what they offer.

  4. We don't go to the library very often. We don't have one in town, so we go on base (20 miles away) when we go. That's too far to make it a special trip, and it seems like when we are on base for some other reason, it's usually when the library is closed. My husband doesn't mind taking stuff back to the library for us, but he refuses to try to pick stuff out for Elliott, unless it's a specific title.


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