Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday--4/3/13

It's been almost a month again since I've done  WIP post.  I really have been getting in some work.....just Wednesdays have been crazier than normal so I've not posted.  Today is no different, in fact, I've only been out of bed 45 minutes!

I have lots of things I am in the process of completing:
T-shirt dress for a book review
3 sets of folded hot pads
2 plastic bag holders
2 fabric bags
personalized pillowcases for each of my 8 grandchildren

I have quite a few things that I want to start working on:
A scrappy quilt
Doll quilts
quilt square hotpads

Table runner that I will turn in this month for our guild challenge
Matching wall hanging that I made to go with the table runner.

I don't have pictures taken except a couple that I will share this week.

This is my progress on the quilt top I am making at sewing club at church.  What a long process!  Especially since I've only worked on it the once a month for the day at sewing club.  And, next week I won't get much done on it because I am needing help with the t-shirt dress mentioned above.
 Here is a photo of the other ladies who are working on tieing a quilt.  It will be raffled off for the church's 125th anniversary.

In my crochet world I had been crocheting like crazy the cotton bath puffs.  I did complete the order for 15 of them, plus made an additional 6 that are now listed in my etsy store.  I crocheted up a set of washcloths too and have them listed.  And.....I crocheted 12 dish scrubbies as well.

I've also been making plastic canvas coasters this past few days.  I already have sets of them in my etsy shop, just using up the rest of my plastic canvas as well as this huge ball of yarn. can read, that I really have been working, believe it or not.  I hope to be back next week with a LOT of photos for you!


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  1. I found you via Freshly Pieced. Love the club quilt! :) So cheerful!

  2. You've got a lot going on!


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