Friday, July 27, 2012

TGIFF--Flowered Quilt is Done!

I almost can't believe it.  The flowered quilt is finally done, faults and all.  I intended for this one to be completed in February when I was privileged to have the chance to host the TGIFF linky here in my blog.

Ok, so most months the only work it got done on it was at the monthly sit n' sew at the quilt shop.  That was after I kind of got tired of working on it.

Also, I am taking part in my first sampler at the quilt shop.  This one is a 20 month sampler.  There are a couple of months when it's cancelled due to other things going on at the quilt shop, so the last square won't be handed out until February 2014.  That seems so so far away.
It's Every Barn Tells a Story.  The first block is the Ohio Star, and here is my completed block:
 I do look forward to each month learning how to make yet another block.

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