Friday, July 27, 2012

Frugal Friday Link Up--Uses for Baby Oil and Baby Powder

We had a reprieve from the triple digit temps yesterday.  It only got up to 96.  We even got a bit of rain Wednesday night.  That helps some with the water bill and is so much better for the garden and lawn.
Speaking of the water bill--ours is $98 this month!  My husband says--"What?!"  I say--"I told you awhile back that the kitchen sink drips."  Hopefully he will get that changed out soon now.  That difference in the bill for just one month will almost cover what the extra is on our bill.

Our garden looks horrible with tall grass, but it's still bee producing quite nicely.  I did use the last of the onions last night.  We had enough onions grow to use in 4 meals.  The tomatoes are a lot better this year too.   Even the bell peppers have been good.  I've been out pulling out, and cutting off the grass around the plants.  We did lose 2 tomatoes to rot because I didn't see them at the bottom of the plants.  I've been freezing cut tomatoes to use this winter in soups, stews, goulash and chili.

This week's share from the 99 Cent Solutions book are ways to use baby oil and baby powder.

Baby oil:
1.  Stop an earache.   Hold a bottle of baby oil under hot running water for about a minute to warm it.  Place a few drops of the heated baby oil into the affected ear canal to soothe away the pain.

2.  Improve your shoes.  Dab a few drops of baby oil on your leather shoes and rub it in with a soft cloth.  This will soften the leather as well as polish it.  Also use it on other leather and patent leather items such as belts and purses.  Be sure to wipe away any excess.

3.  Rip that band aid off.   Rub that bandage with a cotton ball soaked in baby oil before peeling it off.  Rub until thebandage easily comes off.

4.  Get rid of pain on your face and hands.  We all know that when we paint, we end up with splatters on our hands and face.  Just rub the areas with baby oil and it will come right off.  Wash your skin afterwards with soap and water.

Baby powder:
1.  Squash the squeak.  If your hardwood floors squeak and you can see gaps between the boards, you can fix the squeak with a dusting of baby powder.  Sprinkle on the baby powder, or use a squeeze ketchup bottle with with powder.  Place a towel over the boards and work the powder into the cracks with your foot.  Clean up the excess powder with a towel.  

2.  Baby your bulbs.  Put 3 tablespoons of medicated baby powder and five or six flower builbs in a plastic bag.  Seal and shake the bag.  Dusting the bulbs before planting them will keep rots and pests away.

3.  Clean your carpet overnight.  If you have carpet odor from pets, smoke, or rain, take the odor out with baby powder.  Use a flour sifter to spread the baby powder over your carpet.  Let it sit overnight, or a few hours.  Vacuum up the powder and the smells in the morning.

4.  Undo a not.  Have a knot in the chain of your favorite necklace?  Just cover the not with a light dusting of baby powder, then pry the knot apart with a straight pin.  Wash the powder off with a mild soap, rinse it, dry it and wear it!

My daughter uses baby powder in her hair.  It works just like the aerosol instant shampoos when we need to go somewhere and she doesn't have time to shampoo before we leave.

Your turn to share your frugal posts for the week!



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