Thursday, January 26, 2012

Squidoo Hopping--Come on In and Link Up Your Lenses

Happy Hopping Thursday!

I did manage to get one lens built this past week.    Learning About England.  It's just a start on the lens as we read and learn in the books about England.  It will grow up until my daughters trip, and once she is home I will add photos to it from her trip.

Before making the lens I asked questions in the facebook group and learned new things.  Seems I am learning more and more thanks to being a part of the group.  I had no idea you could click on the pictures in wikipedia and see if they are in the public domain or if you need to give attribution!  I don't know if you can do that on other websites.

I believe I need to make myself a life schedule.  A little off the squidoo subject, but squidoo would be part of that schedule.  A set time each day that I spend specifically working in squidoo, along with set times that I work on other websites, work on my crafts, do schoolwork with my daughter, and do housework.   This wouldn't be an easy task with all the things I do outside the house, but at least the things that are regularly done outside the home could be worked around.

I hope to see many blog posts and lenses linked up below.  Seriously, keep me busy hopping from my blog!

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